👋, welcome to my place on the internet.

A few random things about myself:

I’m a bit of an adventurer, as is my wife and as are our kids.

I prefer nature to cities, and birds chirps to people’s chatter.

If you want me to be really engaged in a conversation, it probably needs to be about:

  • Climate change mitigation
  • Impact investing
  • Venture capital
  • Alternative and crypto currencies
  • Alternative and future sovereignties
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Mountain biking, skiing, mountain and rural living
  • Zen and buddhist philosophy

Currently, I spend my time investing in planet+ companies as an angel investor, in Italy with ENEA Tech, and as a scout for Atomico. I invest in dapps and crypto networks with Semantic Ventures, an early stage venture firm I co-founded.

I previously was the Executive Director, and am now an advisor for Aragon, where we’re building tools for digital organizations and the first digital jurisdiction.

Before that, I invested out of Mission and Market, where we invested in 52 companies in San Francisco, including Eaze, Notable Labs, Starcity and Clara Foods.

I also run a series of events in the Dolomites called Unplug.